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Member Rewards Program

As a Mawson Fitness member you will receive exclusive perks around Saskatoon.  All you have to do is show your scan tag.

Members will Save 10% off shoes, cleats, and shorts
We are a locally owned and operated bike shop dedicated to serving cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Our service department works on all makes and models of bikes, and estimates are always free.

Pop by our new, two-story shop that offers free parking! We look forward to seeing you

Members will receive a Free Cocktail with a Meal Purchase
Cora’s is a Canadian chain of casual restaurants serving breakfast and lunch. Saskatoon has 2 locations.

Preston Crossing - 1718 Preston Ave. North
Stonebridge Centre - 100 - 3020 Preston Ave. South

Members will Save 10% off Massage, Physio, and Acupuncture
Our purpose is to empower families to create vibrant, active lives through lifetime chiropractic care and lifestyle education.

We’re goal-centered and results-oriented, which results in a patient population that demonstrates true wellness. The understanding that pain or its absence is not a true indicator of health makes all the difference in your wellness potential!

We decided to emphasize the word Movement in our practice name because our doctors are very physically active and wanted to instill the importance of that characteristic into their patients as well.

Members will Save 10% off your purchase

It is quite apparent that the latest clothing trend is all about feeling comfortable. But why not feel comfortable and look stylish all at the same time? These are only a few of the countless reasons why you should check out One Tooth Activewear.

The most asked question we hear is - what does ‘One Tooth’ mean and where did it come from? In an ancient tribe near the company founder’s home town went an old story that if you told a lie you’d lose one tooth. Being that he wanted to build an ethical business he named it One Tooth as a reminder of this philosophy of goodwill.

Members will receive Tanning at a $69 monthly rate.
Planet Beach is an innovative and energetic company that continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to be an international one-stop shop to help our customers look good and feel good. Experience the finest spray & spa treatments and superior customer service that has made Planet Beach the world’s largest, and fastest-growing automated spa franchise.

At the push of a button, our members will enjoy a private spa experience for a reasonable cost and in far less time than a traditional day spa.

Members will Save 10% off your purchase (at all 3 locations))
Canada’s Leading Sports Nutrition Stores Since 1989 Lowest Supplement Prices Guaranteed!

ur expertise, experience, knowledge and innovative approach in this industry, is proven hands down. To date, the name ‘ Popeye’s Supplements Canada is the most powerful store name in the sports nutrition industry. In fact, not only is it known right across Canada and North America by thousands and thousands of households, but it is also known by thousands of retail competitors - simply incredible! When Popeye’s Supplements Canada comes to town you know about them FAST!

Members will Save 15% off your purchase
Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill is all about celebrating sports with family and friends. Whether you’re celebrating your favourite team’s victory, your league game with teammates or your child’s big win, we’re here to serve you!

We are proud to be known as the place to watch the game, enjoy great food, great drinks and great times! Our commitment to you is to deliver an outstanding guest experience through personalized service, ensuring we only serve you the best.

Please enjoy this menu, which features signature items providing a variety of exciting flavors that can only be discovered at your favorite Shoeless Joe’s!

Members will receive 10% off your purchase. Use code: MAWSON10
SaskFit is a lifestyle apparel brand offering contemporary designs on high quality apparel items and accessories. Created by serial entrepreneur and national bikini competitor Jordana Jacobson, SaskFit opened in February 2016 with the goal of supporting local athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the province. Denise Kominetsky LPN, IIWCC & National Level Figure Competitor, took over ownership in October of 2017 with the same goals as Jordana, plus with the hopes of growing and expanding this local business!
Members will Save 10% off your purchase (at all 2 locations))
The next generation of supplement stores.

At Supplement World, we promise to do things differently. We don’t strive to be the fastest growing company in Canada. We want to grow by giving each and every customer the best possible experience, pricing, and service in the industry. We don’t care about selling the highest profit margin products, we want to sell you the best product for your goals. We don’t care about our sales and market trends, we care about our customers.

Our community roots are in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and we are so thankful to be from an amazing community that taught us so much about the importance of ethics and relationships in business.

Our stores and our online store will always operate with honesty, transparency, and care above all else.

Experience the Supplement World difference.

Members will receive an Infused Water with food purchase (valid at both locations)
Our menu includes chef designed salads and wraps, soups, sandwiches and appetizers. All the dressings and soups are Chopped Leaf recipes that focus on being natural and flavourful! The Chopped Leaf believes that everyone can live their own Chopped Life; a healthy lifestyle in whatever way they choose, combined with high quality nutritious ingredients to keep your body feeling good after you eat.