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FAQ - Group Fitness

  • Unless otherwise noted, our classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.
  • If you are new to a class, consider arriving early to introduce yourself to the instructor. Please let them know if you have any injuries or movement limitations, as they may be able to show you modifications to the exercises as needed.
  • Please also check in with the instructor after class if you have any questions about the movements you performed in class.

SMART START OPTION:  stay for ½ of the tracks, or ½ the class.  Each week adding more tracks or time in the class

  • Start slow – Don’t push yourself too hard too soon, leave class before you overexert yourself
  • Build gradually – Aim towards staying for a full workout as your fitness level builds
  • Mix it up – Include a mix of strength, cardio and flexibility training
  • When you become a member with Mawson Health and Fitness you will get access to the MindyBody App which will give you the opportunity to view the class schedule and sign up for classes that you like.

Thank you for asking! Our group fitness classes are meant to be social and a lot of fun. To ensure this is the case for all, we do have a few guidelines for participants.

  • Please give yourself a break from your phone/iPod during class and do not listen to your own music or answer phone calls or texts during class.
  • Limit talking to others while class is in session – though cheering or singing along is encouraged!
  • To keep our studios and equipment clean and tidy, please wipe down your equipment and put it away properly after class.
  • Please follow the workout the instructor is doing, versus doing your own workout in class. It can be distracting or confusing for other participants. But please always feel comfortable modifying an exercise or substituting another exercise if necessary. Your instructor is happy to show you modifications.
  • Please arrive on time and let the instructor know in advance if you need to leave early (otherwise, we’ll think we did something wrong)
  • Please allow the participants from the previous class to exit the studio before you enter.
  • Most importantly, have a great time. Group fitness is an amazing way to get in shape, make friends and have fun. If you’re not having a great time, please let your instructor know.
  • For our CARDIO and STRENGTH classes, a breathable t-shirt or workout top are ideal, with shorts, pants, leggings or capris and standard athletic shoes.
  • For CYCLE classes, a breathable t-shirt or workout top works great, with athletic shoes or cycling shoes with clips. Please do not wear flared long pants during cycling classes, as they can be a safety hazard around the gears of the bikes. Form fitting pants or shorts are a much better choice.
  • For MIND/BODY classes like Pilates and yoga, loose fitting clothing may interfere with movement.
  • Bring your own yoga/Pilates mat to class.
  • Some Mind/Body classes require a class pass.  Please get your pass from the front desk when you arrive to the Wellness Center.  Place your class pass on the front corner of your mat & your instructor will pick it up.  If the class is full and you do not have a pass, you will not be permitted into the class.
  • Please allow the participants from the previous class to exit the studio before you enter.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.  Most classes in the Mind/Body Studio do not require shoes.  Please leave your shoes outside the studio before you enter.  Lockers are also provided to secure your personal belongings.  If you must bring your cell phone into the studio, please silent your ringer/alerts.
  • Give yourself plenty of time.  It is best to arrive to class early and stay for the entire class.  If you must arrive late or leave early, please do so quietly.  After arrival to class, sit or lie down.  Most participants use this time for meditation.  Please respect others use of this quiet time.
  • Let yourself be known.  Place your mat where you can see and hear the teacher.  Give yourself plenty of room, while respecting the space of others.  Please do not step on or walk across other student’s mats.
  • Let go of any feelings of competition.  Don’t compare yourself to others in the class.  Keeping your focus within will allow for a more positive experience.
  • Set reasonable personal goals.  Listen to your body & progress at your own rate.
  • Please let the instructor know if you are new to class or if you have any health ailment or limitations that might affect your ability.
  • Please feel free to speak with your instructor before or after class about any concerns, questions, or suggestions.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your class to help the body stay hydrated.